Introduction to Ergonomics

A solid understanding of the subject is critical to the success of any ergonomics program.  This is especially true for ergonomics or safety committee members who lead the program and applies to the general population in more general terms.  Together, they insure the success of a company initiative.  Auburn Engineers, Inc. has developed An Introduction to Ergonomics as a resource to provide this introduction.  Recognizing the different degrees of exposure needed, we have developed this course in 3 formats, Basic, Advanced, and Workshop levels.  Depending on the unique needs of your company, we can provide this introductory training course, putting your ergonomics program on the fast track to success.


Basic Course

The Basic level of Introduction To Ergonomics is designed to give a large audience an explanation of ergonomics using generic examples.

The format of this course allows it to be conducted several times during a day, in a brief 30 to 120 minute timeframe, giving the general population of a plant the opportunity to learn how a company’s ergonomic program can positively impact their workplace.

Who will benefit:

  • Companies with limited ergonomics resources
  • Individuals whose jobs will be the focus of ergonomics efforts
  • Companies that believe success of initiatives depends on the involvement of the entire workforce


Advanced Course

Our Advanced Level Course incorporates information presented in the Basic Course but adds a case study format to promote the practical application of course materials.  Participants will learn to use the High Risk Survey to recognize risk factors through specific video examples within their own plant or operation.

Typical instruction time is 2 to 4 hours, allowing instruction of 2 to 3 classes in a single day.  Course roster should not exceed 25 people per class.

Who will benefit:

  • Team leaders acting as liaisons between operators and management.
  • Companies who want their employees to be aware of the ergonomics risk factors involved in their jobs on a daily basis.



The Workshop takes the participant from the classroom to the production floor.  Using an overview of key information from the Basic and Advanced LevelCcourses, participants complete the High Risk Survey while observing plant operations.  The value of hands-on coaching with an Auburn Engineers’ expert is recognized long after course completion and translates into results for problem jobs.

Typical instruction time is 4 to 8 hours.  Because of its interactive format, class size for the Workshop Course is limited to 12 participants.

Who will benefit:

  • Members of ergonomics or safety committees who will be responsible for recognizing risk factors
  • Companies that believe a workforce with an awareness of ergonomics risk factors are an asset to their bottom line