Identifying & Eliminating Ergonomics Hazards

Identifying and Eliminating Ergonomics Hazards training process assists in recognizing ergonomics risk factors and introduces an easy-to-use problem solving process.  This process drives your team to solve and eliminate ergonomics-related problems in your operations.  Depending upon your company’s needs this course is available in basic, advanced, and workshop formats, ranging from developing skills in risk factors identification and the problem solving process, to actual Kaizen type events with teams working on site-based problems.


Basic Course

The Basic course begins with a comprehensive introduction to Ergonomics.  With this foundation, the next step is a review of risk factors using Auburn Engineers’ High Risk Survey and elements of the Ergo Job Analyzer or EJA.  Once participants understand how to identify the most problematic jobs, the problem solving process is presented.

Typical time required for the Basic Course is 8 to 12 hours, with a class size not to exceed 20 people.

Who will benefit:

  • Companies with moderate injury rates that need to know which jobs are most problematic
  • Safety committees, ergonomics teams, engineers, and ergonomists


Advanced Course

While the Basic Course introduces the HRS and EJA, the Advanced Course adds focus on practice using the EJA elements to identify high risk jobs, prioritize them, and resolve the problems.  Using the tools, specific on-site examples are analyzed by participants, helping them gain confidence and proficiency in the processes.

Typical time to complete the Advanced Course and the case studies included is 2 to 3 days, with a class size not to exceed 20 people.

Who will benefit:

  • Companies that realize practical application of tools and processes will increase their effectiveness
  • Safety committees, ergonomics teams, engineers, and ergonomists



The Workshop builds on information from the Basic and Advanced Courses.  Participants will take their knowledge and skill in using the HRS and EJA, and apply them to an actual Kaizen event with the team working on specific site-based problems.  This event will begin with identifying the most problematic jobs and risk factors and following it through to resolution using the problem solving process.

Typical time required to complete the processes within the course is 5 days, with a class size not to exceed 12 people.

Who will benefit:

  • Companies that see the benefit of trained and proficient teams solving problem jobs in house
  • Ergonomics and safety teams seeking to become self sufficient