Expert Support to Corporate Ergonomists

Auburn Engineers, Inc. understands the challenges faced by corporate ergonomists today.  The changing face of business requires more support to a wider internal customer base.  To put it simply, there is not enough time or expertise for one person, or group to sufficiently handle all the situations that arise within a company.

Our ergonomics team, with backgrounds in medicine, science, and engineering, has extensive experience in a wide variety of manufacturing, office, design, and production settings.  When you contact us to assist with a challenging opportunity, your company will receive the best, most comprehensive, ergonomics consulting service available.


Advanced Problem Solving

Auburn Engineers’ staff relish tackling difficult problems.  We offer a worldwide base of experience of unsurpassed depth and breadth in the analysis of the problem and an ability to produce innovative and business savvy solutions.


When is a lifting problem not a lifting problem?

We were asked to assist with a difficult lifting problem that involved one of several different carts used to transport materials in a high-volume production setting. The job required a highly repetitive lift and an extended reach deep into the cart, placing high stress on workers’ spines.  The client was focused on improving the cart.  After working with the client to understand their process flow we were able to recommend re-mapping the process in a way that eliminated the need for the lift and the cart, rather than improving it.  Our solution for using a smaller number of standardized carts not only eliminated the dangerous lift, it offered a $500,000 annual cost savings.


Strategic Product Development

Auburn Engineers understands the need to differentiate products from the competition in order to successfully market them.  We offer clients the ability to describe the unique ergonomic features of their products as well as to assist them in producing ergonomically sound designs.


Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

Consumers buy products with ergonomic features - easy and comfortable to use.  Unfortunately it is difficult to judge these features while the product is in the box. How can buyers sort the multiple competing claims regarding ergonomic features and make a good buying decision?

An effective means of setting products head and shoulders above the competition is third party evaluations and approvals.  Auburn engineers is experienced in facilitating working relationships between clients and objective third parties who can provide valuable guidance to consumers by putting their seal of approval on well-designed products.


Strategic Program Development

Deploying and managing a corporate ergonomics program can be daunting.  Auburn Engineers’ experience with web-deployed training and assessment/solution tools can give you the resources you need to manage across multiple sites – skill and awareness training, workplace assessment, solution development and performance metrics.


Nobody talks to anybody about anything anymore

One Auburn Engineers’ client has used the Ergo Job Analyzer (EJA) to standardize their ergonomics program worldwide.  Associates at each site are trained on the tool in a combination of classroom and web-based training.  Their use of our tool supports ‘calibration’ of workplace evaluators so that trained individuals looking at a workplace consistently identify the same problems.  The EJA is used to support local job prioritization, a global pooling of solutions, and as a global metric for the measurement of program performance.



Auburn Engineers can assist you in litigation with expert opinions regarding workplace and product designs.  Aided by our knowledge of national and international standards, we offer objective insights into the pertinent issues, literature reviews, critiques of opposing expert’s reports, and concise, understandable reports.  First and foremost, however, we will always provide you with our candid opinion as to the facts of the case.


They claim our product…

We were asked by a defendant (product manufacturer) to provide an expert opinion and possible testimony in a product liability case.  In our review of the case, we discovered information in photos and job descriptions prepared by the employer that invalidated the plaintiff’s allegations.