Assessing Your Ergonomics Program

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Assessing Your Ergonomics Program - The program assessment tool that sets the standard for high quality ergonomics programs. Used by all major corporations.

This assessment is designed to help you assess the overall quality of your site ergonomics program. The instrument was designed based on experience gleaned from many ergonomics programs reviewed during the past two decades. It permits the qualification of eight different aspects of the ergonomics program and of the overall program.

The old adage "You don't manage what you can't measure." was the reason for the development of this assessment. Management needs a quantitative means of assessing the quality of the ergonomics program. This assessment provides that tool.

This assessment is designed to "measure from the finish line" rather than from the starting line. Many ergonomics programs have initial success with changes to several of the worst jobs, but then lose their momentum and stall. This assessment presents a quantitative measuring system for a comprehensive ergonomics program. A relatively new program should not score well. That is what is meant by "measure from the finish line."


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