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eTools for Office Computer Workstations is a web-based process that allows users to assess their personal workstation in minutes and provides suggestions to resolve any issues that arise.  If you are still spending time and money personally analyzing computer workstations, look at a more efficient and cost-effective approach - eTools Office

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Developed in collaboration with leading corporate ergonomists, and with tens-of-thousands of assessments completed on-line, eTools Office allows you to solve your office ergonomics problems more quickly and cheaply - and with indiviidual attention.

- Save Time -

- Save Money -

- Superior Results -

- 24 / 7 Help -

- Proactively manage your office ergonomics -

Save Time

Employees can self-assess their own computer workstations, during downtime or during breaks between batches of work.  The customizable assessment provides solutions and education tailored to your work and equipment. 

Save Money

For  a few dollars / employee you can allow every office employee to assess and fix her/his workstation with an embedded tutorial.  Its web-based, no expensive software installation is needed.

Improve efficiencies

Employees with workstations that fit them appropriately can better focus on the work instead fidgeting in the chair and subconsciously looking for non-productive excuses to leave the work area.

Get help anywhere, 24/7

Employees can access the self-assessment from the office, on the road or from home any time of the day or night by logging on to a browser.  An embedded tutorial answers general questions and the program responds to specific needs.

Support your staff at work and at home

Employees can use the self-assessment 24/7 for use with their personal home computers too at no additional cost. The combined work/home option improves the overall opportunity for compliance to good work habits and workstation adjustments.

Eliminate unnecessary and costly consultations

Auburn Engineers, Inc. can train your staff to  respond to employees' issues .  With security clearance, they can see all data “real time”. 

Manage Office Ergo

Office eTools puts your office ergonomics system at your fingertips.  With the touch of a button you will know your employees' status, needs and who requires assistance.