eTools Shop Software for Industrial, Field Ergonomics

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eTools are a comprehensive set of software tools designed with world-class ergonomists and used in leading companies.

eTools Shop software allows you to mitigate workplace risk with a set of ergonomics surveillance and evaluation tools that are user friendly and easily adaptable to your working environment. eTools Shop was developed to put powerful, yet practical tools into the hands of ergonomic practitioners regardless of their level of expertise. The eTools Shop software incorporates management information to allow you to control your ergonomics program. The eTools Shop are control access to users at pre-determined security levels. This advanced system permits data to be entered, accessed, and shared throughout an organization in one location or around the world.

eTools Shop is elegantly simple, and a complete, yet concise, tool set.

eTools Shop allow you to electronically capture ergonomics information, streamlining your ergonomics analysis process. eTools allow you to capture, retain, and build upon information from the initial survey to the evaluation; then on to implementation and follow-up to complete the problem solving process. It provides an electronic storehouse for job-related data including video, injury data and much more.

eTools Shop allows you to manage ergonomics for your entire organization.

World-class ergonomics processes know their numbers: How many problem jobs? How much they spend to fix them? How many are being fixed? eTools puts the information required to answer these and many other questions at your fingertips. You can determine if the ergonomics process is "on schedule" at the job, department, plant and corporate levels.

At the heart of eTools Shop software is the Ergo Job Analyzer (EJA).

The EJA allows you to quantify dozens of risk factors and to evaluate the overall likelihood of ergonomics illness/injuries on the job. The risk factors examine movements of the hand/wrist, forearm/elbow, upper arm/shoulder, head/neck, trunk/back, as well as the lower extremities. This is a definitive set of risk factors, and provides a sound analysis for most jobs.

Risk factors utilize multiple interactive factors, including force, posture, and repetition. This framework permits reliable, comprehensive, and rapid analysis of your jobs. It can be used as a complete system for evaluating all of your jobs or used selectively to identify and correct only those jobs with the highest risk of ergonomics illnesses / injuries. As jobs are modified and improved, the Ergo Job Analyzer documents the magnitude of the improvement. This is a great way to justify your recommended job changes to management. This tool is a “must have” for any practicing ergonomist.


For more information concerning eTools or to setup an account, please contact us